This month in Julia world - 2024-02

A monthly newsletter, mostly on julia internals, digestible for casual observers. A biased, incomplete, editorialized list of what I found interesting this month, with contributions from the community.

“Internals” Fora and Core Repos (Slack/Zulip/Discourse/Github):

Core Julia Repos:

In search of contributors and new maintainers (specify novice/moderate/expert and internals/domain background necessary):

  • FillArrays.jl is looking for people to contribute to the package. No specific domain expertise is necessary, just a general understanding of writing performant code in Julia. Contributions will mainly be in improving the interoperability with other packages, which may be either through bug fixes, testing package composition, or through adding package extensions. FillArrays is a transitive dependency of nearly two thousand packages, so any contribution would have a significant impact across the ecosystem.

  • Looking for contributors to the PySR/SymbolicRegression.jl/DynamicExpressions.jl ecosystem. There is a variety work related to “PySR v2” — significant contributors will be invited to coauthor, when PySR will become more of a community tool for symbolic discovery. Of particular need: (1) CUDA.jl kernel optimization, (2) interfacing with PythonCall.jl, (3) making the SymbolicRegression API more generic and idiomatic, and (4) interfaces with Flux.jl(/other). For general contributions, all skill levels are welcome to get in touch (

Ecosystem Fora, Maintenance, and Colab Promises (Slack/Zulip/Discourse/Github):

Soapboxes (blogs/talks):


  • Jacob Zelko (TheCedarPrince) has stepped up as one of the community administrators for this year’s Google Summer of Code.
  • Google Summer of Code season is here! Make sure to update your projects on the JuliaLang website.

Please feel free to post below with your own interesting finds, or in-depth explanations, or questions about these developments.

If you would like to help with the draft for next month, please drop your short, well formatted, linked notes in this shared document. Some of it might survive by the time of posting.


I absolutely love these newsletters. I used to feel like I could keep up with most of what was going on in the community, but it’s grown so large over the years! These letters are so great because I get a ton of insights into interesting things that I missed!


Is there a way to subscribe to these newsletters? I would love to be notified every time a new one drops!

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