The two arrows in the juno plotting panel?

The two arrows behind the title in the juno plotting panel should supposedly allow to switch between several plots in memory, but they are not clickable on my juno installation.

Not yet implemented, something not working on my installation, or you need to do some stuff to allow multiple plots
(I normally use plotlyjs() trough the plot package) ?

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This is something that bothers me too.

Not yet implemented


They work in the julia VS Code extension, which gained a plot pane recently :slight_smile:

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nice, do you also have a workspace panel in VS ?

No workspace pane, I’m afraid. VS Code restricts what we can do in terms of UI a lot more than Atom. Not saying that it is entirely impossible, but not trivial.

for an outline view (which isn’t the same as Juno’s workspace, but much better than Ctrl-Shift-O).

Ah, wait, maybe I was misunderstanding this. I think we could actually add much better navigation UI, for example show a list of all functions and types in a file etc.

I thought this was about a list of variables defined in the REPL, with their values etc.

that was my question…