How to get a Juno gui and multiple tabs in the plot planes?

I am trying to test out PlotlyJS.jl as a good default tutorial library.

One general issue is that I am having trouble getting multiple plots when coding in Atom/Juno. This comes down to two issues:

  1. How to do I get multiple plots in the plot pane? Are those tabs implemented, or just for show? Take the following,
#Blink.AtomShell.install() #Call if necessary after an installation
using PlotlyJS
p = plot(rand(3))
p2 = plot(rand(5))
  1. If the multiple plots in the plotpane don’t work, can we at least pop up a GUI for each plot (similar to what happens when you use the REPL)? I tried to call the gui() function mentioned in the Juno docs, but it appears to be a Plots.jl specific function, unless I missed something.

I am very much interested in this as well, and would in fact prefer plot windows to float on top instead of being docked.

My workflow, and that of my colleagues, consists to a large part of putting up multiple plots to analyze and compare different parameters. Having a convenient way in Juno (or VSCode) to view and manipulate several plot windows simultaneously would be extremely valuable.

I ran into this old thread looking for another one, but I wanted to mention that now the tabs are actually quite easy to implement using the Interact* packages (you may need to checkout InteractBase for this to work - and check out PlotlyJS for this to also work with the PlotlyJS backend -, or wait for the release to get tagged).

using Plots, InteractBulma, DataStructures

d = OrderedDict()

d["plot1"] = plot(rand(10))
d["plot2"] = plot(sin)
d["plot3"] = scatter(rand(100))