Switch Juno -> VS Code - basic IDE questions

I’m currently in the process of moving from Juno to VS Code and have some basic questions on how the editor layout and functionality compares (I am on a Mac with VS Code 1.58.2 and v1.3.27 of the julia extension).

  • Is there a progress bar? If yes, how do I activate it?
  • Customizing the Side Bar:
    1. Can I keep the explorer to the left of the editor pane while moving the workspace and plot navigator to its right?
    2. Can I add buttons to stop or interrupt Julia?

It’ll be activated automatically once you or a package loads ProgressLogging.jl.

No, unfortunately not. You can however move the Workspace into the bottom pane (which it would then share with the terminal).

No, but we’ll end up adding those to the Workspace.


Many thanks @pfitzseb