Blank repl after sleep mode in Atom juno

I’ve recently installed Julia in the new computer and I am facing some new problems.

I am using Atom and Juno and I often leave Atom open in the computer sleep mode, then after waking up the repl is all dark and I don’t see anything, even after typing. When I select text in repl, then I see what is written there.

I suspect the reason of errors are some Julia related packages I installed, because I have noticed other errors (like using ctrl+c in editor was stopping Julia repl), but I disabled all the extra packages. Now the only problem is this blank repl.

Julia: 1.0.5 LTS
Atom 1.53.0
julia-client 0.12.6

Switching to the DOM terminal renderer in the julia-client settings should fix that issue (at the cost of worse performance).

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