Telethon like library for Julia

I am looking for a library similar to python’s telethon. A quick google search has not led to anything, so I would appreciate your suggestions.
I want to emphasize that I am not looking for Telegram Bot API implementation in Julia but the regular telegram API implementation.

Hi, how about? [ANN] Telegram.jl - SDK, logger and bots Never used it, so hard for me to distinguish between Bot API implementation and regular telegram API implementation.

Thanks, I will take a look, but at first glance, it seems that only telegram bot functionality is supported. So I wouldn’t be able to parse my chat history, for example.

You r welcome. I had it in my notes as it might be useful for me in the future however its hard to judge for me the scope of this SDK wrt ur potential needs.

You probably need Alexander Plavin / TelegramClient.jl · GitLab