New Package: SlackSDK

I thought some of you would be interested in a recent weekend project of mine: SlackSDK.jl

There are a few other Julia projects out there that interface with Slack, but most of them seem to implement a small set of functionality. The Slack API surface is pretty large, with over a 180 methods – that’s difficult to wrap by hand. So for this package, I’ve used Swagger.jl to generate the Julia binding, which allows me to cover all the methods they expose.

So if you want to get the complete list of custom emojis in a workspace, now you can

julia> e = client.emoji_list()
Dict{String, Any} with 3 entries:
  "emoji"    => Dict{String, Any}("dancingsonic"=>"", "lumberjack"=>"ht…
  "ok"       => true
  "cache_ts" => "1644476284.405200"

More here: