Talkon.jl is a Telegram bot for mutual help within community, helping Ukrainian refugees and volunteers

Hello, Talkon.jl is a Telegram bot project in process with it’s vision to connect Ukrainian refugees and voliunteers immidiatelly to solve their problems. Please contribute to it, so it would become trully functional!

Volunteers will register and enter the type of help they can provide, the spoken languages, their location or any other relevant information. The refugee, or their assistant, will formulate and assign the type of problem, and the bot would send the requests to the relevant people. After accepting the request, volunteers and the refugee would be connected to a temporary group for a chat or audio/video call to discuss the problem.

In other words, “Talkon” would have a concept of “calling to a group” with a predefined problem specified in one sentence. The caller and people (ideally a few of them) who would pick up the phone would be connected to a temporary group to discuss the problem and how they can help. It would potentially be more targeted than for example in where refugees have to call to mobile numbers at, from the perspective of the answerer, a random time with an unexpected problem.

With this solution we want to address and solve the problem that flow of information in already existing social network groups dedicated to helping Ukrainians are “diluted”, as they have no option to structure raised questions/problems, so that they would reach potential helper quickly and directly.

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