Talks in the JuliaCon 2017 conference



The last word is “propogation”.


It is not really practical to give access just to the speakers before the general release. Please let us know in this thread or directly if there are issues with a video and we’ll try to fix it.


I was thinking of a pre-release only for speakers for review before the final upload to YouTube.

Like a dropbox folder or some cloud service where every speaker can check their own video and give the green light with some deadline.


In Jeff’s talk, the slides stop advancing halfway through (


The slides are completely out of sync in the Celeste video (they start advancing several minutes too late)


This is not a real solution.
It should be clear on the videos (Think of someone encounter those outside of this site).

The videos title should include the talk subject.
It is easy to do.


This is already fixed. Some titles are truncated because of YouTube’s maximum title length.


In the talk by Eric Davies at the slides and speaker are out of sync

Sound quality in Mike Innes talk is very poor, probably due to mic placement (volume very low). Maybe this could be improved with post processing though.

Sound quality problems in Josef Heinen’s talk as well. Seems like the wrong mic has been used when creating the video (room mic instead of speaker mic).


My talk is almost 100%, just the first slide that was cut. Where should I report the issue?




Also, my name is correct in the video, but incorrect in the YouTube title, I appreciate if someone can fix it. Thank you.


Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t find my talk on the youtube channel?


I don’t think yours has come through yet, I can’t remember seeing it. Some have recently been removed (presumably for first aid).


Thanks, I assumed all had been uploaded.


Here’s a list of the JuliaCon 2017 videos currently available (from where I sit, at least):

Circuitscape: A Tool to Measure Landscape Connectivity | Ranjan Anantharaman
Query.jl: Query Almost Anything in Julia | David Anthoff
Solving Large Scale PDE … Problems in the jInv Framework | Patrick Belliveau
TaylorIntegration.jl | Jorge Perez, Luis Benet
Programming NVIDIA GPUs in Julia with CUDAnative.jl | Tim Besard
Interfacing with LLVM Using LLVM.jl | Tim Besard
JuliaDB | Jeff Bezanson
Type System | Jeff Bezanson
A few points on processes | Gergo Bohner
Miletus: A Financial Modelling Suite in Julia | Ranjan Anantharaman and Simon Byrne
OhMyREPL.jl: This is my REPL … Kristoffer Carlsson
Improving Biological Network Inference with Julia | Thalia Chan
Taking Vector Transposes Seriously | Jiahao Chen
Julia: A Major Scripting Language in Economic Research? | Anna Ciesielski
GPU Programming with Julia | Tim Besard, Valentin Churavy, and Simon Danisch
GLVisualize 1.0 | Simon Danish
Using Return Type Annotations Effectively | Eric Davies
SparseRegression.jl: Statistical Learning | Josh Day
Cows, Lakes, and a JuMP extension … | Oscar Dowson
Modia - A Domain Specific Extension of Julia … | Hilding Elmqvist
Event-Based Simulation of Spiking Neural Networks | Rainer Engelken
LightGraphs: Our Network, Our Story | Seth Bromberger & James Fairbanks
NLOptControl.jl: A Tool for … Optimal Control Problems | Huckleberry Febbo
Tabulars.jl: Metaprogramming for Accessing Many Types of Data | Andy Ferris
Cataloging the … Universe … at Petascale in Julia | Prabhat, Regier & Fischer
Stochastic Optimization Models on Power Systems | Camila Metello and Joaquim Garcia
WebIO.jl: a Thin Abstraction Layer for Web Based Widgets | Shashi Gowda
GR Framework: Present and Future | Josef Heinen
COBRA.jl: Accelerating Systems Biology | Laurent Heirendt
Using Julia to Inform Qb@ll Development | Jane Herriman
Image Quilting | Julio Hoffman
From One to Many: Writing Julia code to simulate big quantum systems | Katharine Hyatt
MultipleTesting.jl: Simultaneous … in Julia | Nikolaos Ignatiadis
Flux: Machine Learning with Julia | Mike Innes
QML.jl: Cross-platform GUIs for Julia | Bart Janssens
Julia Roadmap | Stefan Karpinski
Pkg3: Julia’s New Package Manager | Stefan Karpinski
Decision Making under Uncertainty | Mykel Kochenderfer
JLD2: High-Performance Serialization | Simon Kornblith
JuliaBox on Various Cloud Platforms and Current Development Goals | Nishanth Kottary
JuliaBox | Nishanth Kottary duplicate
Intel Labs | Lindsey Kuper
BioSimulator.jl: Stochastic Simulation in Julia | Alfonso Landeros
Teaching Through Code | Christina Lee
Parallel Computing for Macroeconomic Forecasting … | Pearl Li
L1-Penalized Matrix Linear Models for High Throughput Data | Jane Liang
Fast Multidimentional Signal Processing with Shearlab.jl | Hector Andrade Loarca
The Dolo Modeling Framework | Spencer Lyon
Modern Machine Learning in Julia with TensorFlow.jl | Jonathan Malmaud
Julia for Fully Homomorphic Encryption | Jose Calderon, Alex Malozemoff
Julia for Infrastructure | Ajay Mendez
Optimization and Solving Systems of Equations | Patrick Kofod Mogensen
JuliaRun: A Simple & Scalable Julia Deployment Platform | Tanmay Mohapatra
Diversity and Inclusion at JuliaCon and in the Scientific … | Erica Moszkowski
AoT or JIT: How Does Julia Work? | Jameson Nash
Heavy-duty Pricing of Fixed Income Financial Contracts with Julia | Felipe Noronha
The Julia VS Code Extension | David Anthoff & Zac Nugent
Applications of Convex.jl | Ayush Pandey
GraphGLRM: Making Sense of Big Messy Data | Mihir Paradkar
Automatically Deriving Test Data for Julia Functions | Simon Poulding
Computation and Data in a Polyglot World | Fernando Pérez
Nulls.jl Missingness for Data in Julia | Jacob Quinn
DataStreams: Roadmap for Data I/O in Julia | Jacob Quinn
The Unique Features and Performance of DifferentialEquations.jl | Chris Rackauckas
Mixed-Mode Automatic Differentiation in Julia | Jarrett Revels
Full Stack Web Development with Genie.jl | Adrian Salceanu
Equations, inequalities and global optimisation | David P. Sanders
An Invitation to Julia: Toward Version 1.0 | David Sanders
Jeffrey Sarnoff
Julia on the Raspberry Pi | Avik Sengupta
Julia Computing | Viral Shah
End to End Data Solutions in the Azure Cloud | Udayan Kumar, Paul Shealy
NumFocus | Leah Silen
TheoSea: Marching Theory to Light | Mark Stalzer
Deep Learning with Julia | Mike Innes, Jon Malmaud, and Pontus Stenetorp
Moore Foundation | Carly Strasser
HiFrames: High Performance Distributed Data Frames in Julia | Ehsan Totoni
Julia: The Type of Language for Mathematical Programming | Madeleine Udell
Sponsor talk - Invenia | Curtis Vogt
Exploring Evolutionary Dynamics of Communications | Yifei Wang
Conning | David A. Weiss
Integrating Julia in Real-World, Distributed Pipelines | Daniel Whitenack
Sustainable Machine Learning Workflows … with Julia | Daniel Whitenack
Turing: a Fresh Approach to Probabilistic Programming | Kai Xu
A Superfacility Model for Data-Intensive Science | Kathy Yelick
Knet.jl: Beginning Deep Learning with 100 line of Julia | Deniz Yuret
Junet: Towards Better Network Analysis in Julia | Igorn Zakhlebin
JSeqArray: Data Manipulation … in Julia | Xiuwen Zheng


@denizyuret 's lecture (Which is great!) is kind of broken around its middle (Sounds become terrible, the speaker stream frozen).


In the HiFrames talk the slides stop advancing around 25:30 for the last 5 minutes.


Updated the list as some new videos have come in. Luckily this is a Julia script that generates this… :slight_smile:


That list is helpful!

Some of the new ones that appeared don’t show slides. Was some footage lost?


My intro talk still seems to be cut off half way through. Is there anything that can be done about this?


Some of the recent uploads, e.g. Katharine Hyatt’s Quantum workshop, look like they’re re-edited versions (although the titles are not in the new and improved format); perhaps yours is being re-edited? I’m just guessing, though, I have no inside knowledge, and I’m not sure who has… :slight_smile: