Talks in the JuliaCon 2017 conference



Sorry for that. I’ve now fixed your name in the YouTube title.


ui in julia 2015 - good

In the current form, i am sadly not so sure all those vids are useful


We are aware of the problem with the missing slides and are working with the production company to see if the slides can be recovered.


Thanks for your quick feedback and your efforts


One thing that I don’t understand is why the screen sometimes goes out of focus: have modern videocams only autofocus that cannot be disabled?


Not sure it’s a good idea to use a video camera to record projected presentations anyway. Usually the signal from the presenter’s laptop is split, with one copy of the signal going to a VGA capture device and stored on disk for later use, the other going to the projector. Using a camera to record presentations introduces problems of focussing, white balance, distortion, and possibly resolution as well.


This is what happens in Stefan’s Pkg3 video at is this not a video camera autofocus problem?


I didn’t disagree😀


Does anybody know, why my video (GR Framework: Present and Future) has been removed?

I have som dead links now :frowning:


A few of them have recently been removed (Eg Eric Davies’, Mike Innes’), so I’m guessing they’re in for surgery/repair (their videos had technical problems, and I think yours had too?).


That’s right - the audio track was “lo-fi” …


Yes. Our vendor is trying to improve the sound on your video and has taken the old one down meanwhile. Hopefully, a new version will be available soon.


A new version of the Celeste video has now been uploaded


Eric Davies’ and Mike Innes’ talks are now available again


Your video’s back online. :slight_smile:


Please let us know in this thread

Showing the VS Code Julia extension without the screen video is kinda pointless :wink: Thanks for fixing this and (again) thanks for putting the JuliaCon videos online!


I completely agree. Unfortunately, our vendor has lost the recording of the screen so there is not much we can do at this point.


Jeff’s Type System talk has just been added.


Sorry if I missed it in all of these posts, but is there a collection of links for slides? I would much rather flip through slides to get the gist, and watch videos when necessary.


Many talks have slides linked here: