Switching between light and dark mode in Pluto v0.17.7

I am new to julia and really enjoy using it for computational purposes in my math program. I started using Pluto.jl for homework and love it. I just installed v0.17.7 that includes support for dark mode. Is there a way to switch between light and dark mode?

Only by changing the system settings, see similar post here

Thank you. That worked.

I’m sorry, but would either one of you mind putting down a link for the solution? Having dark mode is quite a nice feature but having it forced on us is not.


The solution I found is to switch the browser to a light mode theme. In Firefox, this can be done by going to ‘Add-ons and themes’ (Ctrl-Shift-A) and enabling the Light theme, which is one of the defaults. Changing my OS’s default theme from Dark to Light did not work; it is specifically the browser’s theme that affects Pluto.


Hey guys, you are going to the wrong place. In Windows 10/11:

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Click on the Settings button
  3. Click on Personalization
  4. Choose Colors
  5. In “Default app mode” choose Dark (Light is the default mode in Windows).

That is all. If it doesn’t work after step 5, restart your computer. It will work and you do not need to change any browser’s settings.

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Thank you!