Starting with Julia

Hey Everyone Im Arshad Ariff from India .I am very interested in open source .I am very much willing to contribute can you please guide me ,i know DSA ,front end web dev and app dev how can i start my journey with julia

I would recommend to start to code projects of your interest in Julia. That was my way.

CAn you please name some

This article might be useful: Working with Julia projects | Julia programming notes

CAn we please get in touch this is my mail

I am really genuinely interested to work with Julia

Well, if you are looking for a job look in the Jobs category Jobs - Julia Programming Language , and if you want to learn Julia start to work on your own project. But you have to find yourself a project you are interested in…

Since you’re new to Julia and also want to contribute, one of the best things you can do is join and write about your Julia learning journey there. You can follow along a book like Julia Data Science or a video series like this YouTube tutorial series by doggo dot jl, and write about your learning experiences.

Articles or videos from a beginners point of view are one of the things Julia very much needs, so this will be a valuable contribution to have.