Guidance for contributing

I have learned the julia language from the course on the julia academy.I knows basics of machine learning and deep learning.Please assign me some issues on which I should work on so that I can start contributing.
Thank You


Hi there!

I’d suggest reading this:

then find the areas of Julia that you feel qualified to make contributions to: start by helping to improve documentation, write tests, find and fix bugs, help others solve their problems, then building on that work to start helping to add new features.

Here’s a general overview of the Julia ecosystem:

You can look for the issues that you’re interested in addressing and get going; issues aren’t going to be assigned to you… Good luck!


Welcome, @vibhoo_24 , and thank you for offering to help!

If you want to work specifically with deep learning and ML, you might want to check out Flux.jl, which is the main deep learning package in Julia. You can also try reaching out on Slack, where there’s a special channel for Flux; people there might be better able to help you find where you can contribute.

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Thanks sir for guidance.I will start working from today.

Ok sir,I will definitely checkout that.Thanks again.

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