Hire a (remote) Julia programmer for free!

Hello, I am Karthikeyan. I run a Ruby on Rails and Datascience company in Chennai, India. The company name is Trumatics. I have done some Datascience projects. I am the author of https://www.amazon.com/dp/1796378429/ and https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FYVTNX7/ . I am person who is fascinated by how computing can help people.

I am learning Julia, and want to explore its potential. I also want to work with some real research project and not something that’s chasing money. I want to work for free for some research guy /gal /group in a university who is using Julia in his / her projects / research so that I can expand and evaluate my knowledge. I will be able to spend about 10 hours a week, we can chat via Skype, Zoom or any other channel of your choice.

If you think I will be useful for your research work please send a mail to mindaslab@protonmail.com

Why not start by submitting PRs to existing packages? Flux tutorials seem to be a good place to start learning and contributing to data science in Julia.


Given your web background, if you like Bayesian inference, maybe you could make a ShinyStan like app for assessing MCMC samples and convergence diagnostics, using something like Genie?

I’d definitely recommend working on something that interests you. IMO, intrinsic motivation is the best motivator. And the most fun.

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This is a very nice offer. However, if your purpose is to learn Julia while contributing to the community, you can also just make PRs to existing packages, or Julia itself. Eg issues labeled good first issue are a great starting point. You also get a thorough code review as part of the process, and can learn a lot this way.