Sr. HPC Software Engineer at Liquid Analytics

Are you a seasoned Sr. Software Engineer with a mathematical mind, eager to build HPC business solutions with Julia? Join Team Liquid. We are looking to develop a complete Julia team to solve difficult sales distribution and financial problems. We work with the Julia Computing team using JuliaHub. As such, you will have access to additional resources to help develop your Julia development skills.

Experience your AI at Liquid Analytics, a collaborative environment where you have the freedom to create exceptional business high-performance computing (HPC) software as part of a team of caring software engineers. Julia is our primary development language.

You have five (5) years of proven software development experience building HPC applications. A minimum of 1 year of substantial experience with Julia’s parallel computing techniques and Julia’s performance management is required.

Liquid uses the following technologies. Which skills do you already have?


  • Julia is our primary programming language for computational services and business process services.
    • http.jl
    • gRPC when it is ready
    • Julia Distributed library and related external packages
    • Parallelization with GPUs
    • Julia ML Library Flux.jl
    • Arrow.jl, Dataframes.jl, parquet.jl
    • JuliaGraphs packages
    • Queryverse.jl where applicable
    • Julia benchmarking and continuous integration tools
  • Apache Arrow as a language-neutral in-memory data format, what’s not to like about Arrow?
  • Working software experience with statistics, linear algebra, calculus, geometry so that you can create various machine learning algorithms
  • Contributing back to the Julia community either with new Julia open source projects or PRs for existing Julia libraries

Beyond Julia

  • Go is used for some system services.
  • Where necessary, we wrap C/C++ libraries.
  • Java is our legacy language. We are rewriting the next versions in Julia.
  • Javascript with Typescript is our web front-end language. We have some experimental front-end apps with Dart and Flutter.
  • GraphQL as the primary way to connect the UI to the database
  • Databases: SQL, JSON document stores, graph databases. We are building the Liquid Knowledge Graph.
  • We are cloud-neutral and deploy into various clouds such as GPC, AWS, and Azure, so Kubernetes everything.

Industry Sectors

  • Sales distribution: Decision making and goals management, Vision recognition, and NLP
  • Financial Portfolio Management: Decision Making, Portfolio analysis and recommendations, systemized multi-factor models, NLP

If you are interested, send your resume and availability.

  • The primary development team is in Canada.
  • Location: Anywhere in the world. We work remotely. We try and meet up once a month. However, we are on hold for anybody coming into the office until we have satisfactorily beaten Covid.
  • The Job is a full-time position with benefits.
  • We will assist with visa sponsorships.
  • The job position is open as of February 1, 2021. The interview process takes approximately two to three weeks via video conferencing.

If you think like a computer scientist and love to solve difficult problems in code, then Team Liquid is your home to work with fun developers and build delightful Julia solutions.