Julia application developer [India/Bangalore]

We at Julia Computing want to hire full stack Julia developers to join our Juliahub product development team. The work primarily involves developing web applications and distributed compute solutions in Julia. Our goal is to make development and deployment workflow in Julia ridiculously simple, such that our users only worry about the algorithms they develop, and do not need to think about how to run their jobs on a thousand cores on demand.

We would want knowledge of Julia, of course. In addition, experience with one of: Javascript development, Amazon Web Services or Kubernetes would be very useful. Prior experience in web or application development in other languages would be helpful, but we would want to see some evidence of an interest in Julia.

This role is currently remote, based in India, with eventual relocation to our Bangalore office, once COVID restrictions are lifted. This is a hands on development role, but within that we are open to all levels of seniority, from fresh college graduates to experienced developers.

Please email jobs@juliacomputing.com with a CV if you are interested. I’ll be happy to answer any questions about the company or the team. Find me on Slack, or DM me here.