Senior High-Performance Software Engineer - Liquid Analytics

We solve unique, complex problems with highly dynamic data sets. Be part of a team building a specific high-performance mainline database with Apache Arrow. Get the best of both worlds! Liquid Analytics is a vibrant team solving unique and complex problems with Julia and Rust. Join a profitable and stable company where the developer experience is our top priority.

Contact and join a great team of developers building products with the tools you love.

  • You have seven plus years of software development experience across many languages.
  • You have a solid understanding of database design and engineering across different database types.
  • You love Julia’s ease of use and elegance and Rust’s speed and safety.
  • You are a self-starter and an exceptional problem-solver in code.
  • You can work anywhere. Just make sure you have a rocking Internet connection.
  • You love to ship working software.