Product Manager at Julia Computing

Julia is an open source language for mathematical computing and artificial intelligence, which has been downloaded over 25 million times and is growing rapidly worldwide. Julia Computing is a company founded by all creators of the language, which builds cloud computing products around Julia. Learn more about us at

As we develop the JuliaHub compute platform and build industry-specific applications on the platform we wish to hire a Product Manager with expertise in cloud computing and/or HPC (high-performance computing).

Job description

You will drive the user-focused design and development of the company’s cloud compute platform and vertical products deployed on that platform. These products have a focus on data science, machine learning, and simulation. Responsibilities:

  • Leadership: work closely with company founders and team leaders to determine the product vision and define which initiatives are essential to making that vision happen.
  • Customer needs: interact with our customers to understand how they’re using our product, what their pain points and needs are, and how we can make them happy.
  • Interface with Engineering: work with engineering to develop a prioritized product roadmap and make sure that it is completed in a way that satisfies customer needs.

The platform

JuliaHub includes the following features and capabilities, all cloud-based:

  • VS Code as an IDE for development work
  • Interactive & collaborative notebooks (Pluto.jl)
  • Data management — can connect to and use large data sets
  • Running batch jobs on anything from a single machine to large clusters
  • Production deployment of long-running customer applications

Aspects of JuliaHub that currently need product work:

  • Design of features for user administration, billing, telemetry, and provisioning of managed services
  • Integration of Julia’s parallel computing facilities with the cloud compute platform, making sure customer workloads scale efficiently
  • Design of application marketplace on JuliaHub to serve applications built by a diverse ecosystem of Julia developers
  • Pricing/packaging — for field, inside sales, partner & self-service


  • Master’s degree or equivalent work experience, ideally with specialization in Human Computer Interface (HCI), user experience (UX), interaction design (UI), graphic design, computer science, or related disciplines
  • 5+ years of experience in product management, program management or related
  • Outstanding communication and collaboration skills
  • Some programming experience beneficial

Location – Boston, New York or Remote

Please send an email to if interested. I’m happy to answer questions about the role or the company here, on slack, or email (