SOLVED -- JuliaPro- SystemError: opening file /home/.../Atom.ji

Installed JuliaPro- on Ubuntu-16.04, in a parallel directory to base Julia-0.6.

Julia console in the JuliaPro installation of Atom always lead to a fatal error, which traced to this:

JuliaPro julia> using Atom
ERROR: SystemError: opening file /home/myName/.juliapro- Permission denied
 [1] #systemerror#44 at ./error.jl:64 [inlined]
 [2] systemerror(::String, ::Bool) at ./error.jl:64
 [3] open(::String, ::Bool, ::Bool, ::Bool, ::Bool, ::Bool) at ./iostream.jl:104
 [4] open(::String, ::String) at ./iostream.jl:132
 [5] stale_cachefile(::String, ::String) at ./loading.jl:777
 [6] _require_search_from_serialized(::Int64, ::Symbol, ::String, ::Bool) at ./loading.jl:228
 [7] _require(::Symbol) at ./loading.jl:441
 [8] require(::Symbol) at ./loading.jl:405

JuliaPro doesn’t have the proper permissions to open Atom.ji. Which seemed strange. So, comparing the installation directories of base Julia and JuliaPro:

$ ls -l ~/.julia/lib/v0.6/ | grep Atom.ji
-rw------- 1 myName myName  137120 Dec 27 20:45 Atom.ji
$ ls -l ~/.juliapro- | grep Atom.ji
-rw------- 1 root root  142271 Dec 27 20:37 Atom.ji

JuliaPro installed all the .ji files as root. To test further, I deleted all the JuliaPro directories, including ~/.juliapro-, and reinstalled JuliaPro from the shell script, without super user permissions.

Result: All the JuliaPro .ji files were still installed as root.

Solution: change the ownership. From bash terminal:

sudo chown myName ~/.juliapro-*.ji

Now the JuliaPro version of Atom/Juno works fine. Hope this helps other users.


Changed the ownership of all the .ji files to my username.

Thanks for posting this. This issue still persists. What would be the windows equivalent of this solution?

I’m on Julia 1.7

Could you please start a new issue with your exact error output? The original post is from five years ago and the current issue is likely unrelated.