Share a Jupyter or Pluto notebook

Hello, everyone. I want to prepare a tutorial/workshop to share my linear programming models in JuMP with some colleagues. For what I’ve read, using Jupyter notebooks, creating a repository in GitHub with the files, and sharing them using Binder might work. Also, if there is a way to share Pluto notebooks, I would be happy to learn how to do this. This is something I have never done, and I appreciate any and all pointers and advice you can give me before I start. Thanks!

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Yes, this definitely works, although the performance on mybinder is not great obviously. I’ve used this technique for classes — see here for an example Julia environment and instructions on sharing binder links that open particular notebooks: GitHub - mitmath/binder-env: Binder environments for MIT math courses


Pluto notebooks are very convenient to share. In addition to the general procedure of setting up a repository of Pluto notebooks and share it via binder, you can export them to HTML and share the HTML files because they have an extremely useful “Run in the cloud” function, which basically extracts the original notebook from the HTML file and beams it to binder with 0 setup necessary.


Note that JuMP doesn’t work smoothly with Pluto due to our heavy use of macros. You need to build the model in a single cell, instead of building it piece by piece.


Thanks for the advice. I am waiting to see the talks about Pluto on JuliaCon 2021 before sitting down and starting my project. I think this will save me some time.

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