How to deploy my Pluto notebook to github?

Is it possible to share my pluto notebook(which include PlutoUI, SymPy, Plots) by deploying to github, so that i can share it to my students? Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by “deploying to github”? Do you want anything special besides checking it in a repository? Do you want to have it rendered or what?

Thank you Giordano! What I mean is, I want to share my pluto notebook file(I call it Interpolation calculator) through github (because I search online that thru github you can build a webpage for free) so that I can share my work with my students (so that they can access it without the need to install julia), the problem is haven’t seen or search an information(I have seen one but its hard for me to follow the instruction) that tells that an interactive pluto (interactive means the PlutoUI widgets can be use) webpage can build or deploy to github, the information I have seen is only for static webpage. I hope you understand now. Sorry for my poor grammar (I’m from Philippines). Thank you very much again…