For which Julia YT video you want timestamps?

From the December last year I’m quite involved in watching videos from Julia YouTube channel and making timestamps along the way. I try to make at least one longer (20 minutes or more) and two short (under 10 minutes) videos a week, but I have a problem: which one I should do next?

It may sounds strange, but there is so many interesting videos on this channel and I like so much to learn something about new topics and it is hard to me to choose next video to watch. I can’t work efficiently without solid TO DO list, so I want to try to ask Julia community about their wishes. If you want timestamps to some particular video write it down in this thread, I will try my best.

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I just publish proposition of timestamps for Keynote - Tricks and Tips in Numerical Computing by Nick Higham from JuliaCon 2018, you can find them here. I will be glad for feedback on them and propositions for other videos to do.