Seeking guidance on implementing a simple interactive flow chart

Hello everyone, I’m a newcomer to the Makie community. I am currently struggling to develop a very simple flowchart in which specific Julia objects are represented as rectangular nodes on a drawing, connected by arrows. It should look more or less like the following

I would greatly appreciate any advice or recommendations on the most suitable components in Makie for this purpose. My aim is to not only draw the components, but also track and interactively add and remove both the nodes and their connecting arrows. While I know how to draw lines on Axis and update the position of drawings through Observables, I still don’t know how to keep track of the drawn objects and selectively remove them from the drawing. Any guidance, examples or tips from your experiences would be incredibly helpful and much appreciated! Thank you!

I know very little about this project, but you may find some inspiration here: GitHub - bradcarman/ModelingToolkitDesigner.jl: A helper tool for visualizing and editing a ModelingToolkit.jl system connections

Thanks DrPapa, I’ve already seen this but will give it a second try. I am pretty sure I can learn a lot from that project.
My newest finding is that I should at least create my own recipe for the node object (rectangle with border and text) to be able to treat it as an integrated whole rather than a collection of separate drawings and take advantage of the fact that it can return a plot object that I can keep track of, refer to, delete, change color when clicked etc. If you know of a good tutorial with many examples on how to write recipes, it would be very helpful. Thank you

Yeah a recipe so you could treat each node as a single plot object would be good! You may also want to look at how you are representing things internally - maybe look into something like GraphMakie.jl as well?