Makie Text Box/File Selection GUI

I have a Makie plot with interactive slider bars. Wondering what’s the best way to advance the components that can be added to this graphic. How do I make a Dial for example instead of a linear slide?

But that’s not even the most important thing, how do I accept text inputs or open up modal dialog boxes or probably most useful, how do I graphically select file and pathnames?

I can’t seem to find anything just googling around… thoughts on where I should look?

I’m using Makie for plotting and Interact for widgets(dropdowns, buttons and checkboxes) in Jupyter notebook. The only Interact widget not working in Jupyter is the filepicker (it works very well in Atom though).

If you don’t mind the extra dependency, you can easily combine Makie with QML, see for my JuliaCon example, demo here: