Makie interactions with nested plot

I am looking at using some 3rd party makie interactions for my recipe and I cannot seem to make it.
I am leveraging the functionality of the GraphPlot recipe by wrapping it around a new application-specific recipe.
Let’s take for example

@recipe(MyPlot, arg1, arg2) do scene
               show_state = true,

function Makie.plot!(myplot::MyPlot)
    GraphMakie.graphplot!(myplot, ...)
    return intplot

which I can plot with

f,ax,p = myplot(arg1, arg2)

Now I started looking at providing some interactions in my figure (actually already defined in GraphPlot.jl), but the example will not work: Interaction Examples · GraphMakie.jl

function node_drag_action(state, idx, event, axis)
    p[:node_pos][][idx] =
    p[:node_pos][] = p[:node_pos][]
ndrag = NodeDragHandler(node_drag_action)
register_interaction!(ax, :ndrag, ndrag)
ERROR: BoundsError: attempt to access 0-element Vector{AbstractPlot} at index [1]
 [1] getindex
   @ ./array.jl:861 [inlined]
 [2] registration_setup!(parent::Axis, inter::GraphMakie.DragHandler{Scatter, typeof(node_drag_action)})
   @ GraphMakie ~/.julia/dev/GraphMakie/src/interaction.jl:51
 [3] register_interaction!(parent::Axis, name::Symbol, interaction::GraphMakie.DragHandler{Scatter, typeof(node_drag_action)})
   @ Makie.MakieLayout ~/.julia/packages/Makie/lgPZh/src/makielayout/interactions.jl:19
 [4] top-level scope
   @ REPL[25]:1

This is because it looks only in the upper layer of my ax which only contains MyPlot and not a GraphPlot. This is because GraphPlot.jl doesn’t search recursively but only in ax.scene.plots. It would probably work if it was searching in ax.scene.plots[2].plots

Of course I respect the choice of the package author and I don’t see how a PR could help.
I should though be able to dispatch the registration_setup! and provide my own implementation for MyPlot.
But this doesn’t seem possible. I cannot dispatch registration_setup! for my type because it only accepts Axis and interaction (in this case GraphInteraction from GraphPlot.jl).
register_interaction! also accepts just Axis (Makie.jl/interactions.jl at 5ae4eef339be3a822323099c72c23d3b382cb969 · JuliaPlots/Makie.jl · GitHub).

In other words I experience this to be somehow restrictive design for Makie because I cannot leverage already defined interactions in GraphPlot.jl for my recipe MyPlot.
On the other hand maybe it’s just me being inexperienced and there is a nice workaround for this ?