Running multiple Julia sessions simultaneously


I did a little research online and did not find the answer I was looking for.
I would like to run two Julia sessions on my mac and am not sure if this is feasible.
My friend suggested that I run one session on VSCode and the other on Terminal, which seems to do the trick. Still, I would like to receive confirmation that the two sessions would not interfere with each other.
In addition, I wonder if there is an easier way to run two or more sessions simultaneously.


You can run as many as you want. No issues except for RAM/CPU limits of your computer.

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Yeah, you can run as many from as many terminal windows as you want. You also might want to look at Julia’s capabilities for distributed programming which essentially works by running a bunch of independent instances of Julia to efficiently use multiple CPUs or cores.

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i run multiple julia sessions in different terminal windows all the time. the only problem i occasionally have is that sometimes the history file is corrupted. but that is easy to fix either by deleting it entirely, or deleting just the portion that is bad.

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One thing to be aware of is the need to do package-manager operations sequentially:
see discussion in this issue for details.