How to start two (or more) instances of Julia on different CPU cores?

I want to start several instances of Julia and run some pretty time consuming (different) simulations. The underlying hardware has several CPU cores and I would like to make sure that each instance uses a different core, to make things a bit parallel.

However, I am uncertain if this is something I can decide after I have started each instance, or if there is some system variable I should change in the bash terminal from where I start a particular instance? I am working from a Linux system if that matters.

Any help would be much appreciated!

If you just start 2 instances of Julia (or any other program), and start doing cpu intensive did on them the operating system will do this for you.


What Oscar said was true. But it seems to me you’re better offnot spaming terminal with a bunch of julia script.jl and just do everything from 1 place:


@everywhere include("utils.jl")
@spawnat 2 experiment(param1)
@spawnat 3 experiment(param2)
@spawnat 4 experiment(param3)

# write a loop to wait

and then you can start julia with multiple processes by:

julia -p 3 runall.jl