Multiple windows in Visual Studio Code

I have two questions regarding Julia packages:

  1. if I run some Julia program during which several packages are precompiled, leave Visual Code, and return to it a month later, is there any reason precompilation should occur again?

  2. I am executing two Julia programs in a single Visual Code Project. I notice that my second program has access to all the variables defined through the first window. That is very disorienting since I come from a C++ background. This behavior would also not be expected if running Julia from the Linux command line. This behavior makes it impossible to experiment with different versions of the same program. For example, there would be no way to make sure that a particular imported module is missing in a second program (defined in a second window of the same project), and this can easily lead to bugs.

  3. Is there a recommended way around this issue?


  1. Not unless the manifest has changed, or the compile cache was emptied somehow. If you use environments which never or only rarely change, you might consider building a custom system image. The VSCode plugin now supports this conveniently and out-of-the-box.
  2. I understand you open the same project folder in two VS Code windows, and both instances share a REPL? Are “persistent sessions” enabled in the Julia plug in? Interestingly, on the most recent versions, VS Code won’t let me open the same project folder in two windows.