Two juno sessions on same machine?


After coding I run the program from Juno. It runs for a long time.

While the first program is running, I would like to interactively edit a different program.

To do this, does it work to open 2 atom editors on the same machine? I think on the Mac it is not even possible to have Atom open “twice”, however on Linux it is possible.

Alternately, is there a way to have 2 sessions+REPLs within a single atom session?

Each Atom instance has it’s own Julia instance. So that will work fine. I’m on linux and routinely have 2 to 4 instances of Atom open with their own Julia instances.

I don’t think you can do two Julia sessions in one Atom however.

Thank you.

This answers for linux. I am curious what people on Macs do also.

You could try atom -n, which should force Atom to open a new window.

I’m on Mac and for me it works just fine to do “File -> New Window” in Atom. Then you can start another instance of the Julia REPL in this second Atom window.