Running Julia REPL in administrator mode on Windows automatically


In order to install [some] packages successfully on Windows, Julia REPL has to be run in administrator mode or bad things will happen, e.g. unrecoverable (for mere mortals) Cairo installation problems. Is there a way to configure the REPL to always start in administrator mode? Alternatively, the installer could pop a message box asking for administrator approval, when needed.


You could make a powershell script with the following:

Start-Process -FilePath powershell.exe -ArgumentList 'julia.exe' -verb RunAs

call it “julia.ps1”, and put the script in a directory which precedes the location of “julia.exe” in your path. Then typing “julia” will prompt for admin rights, and open julia in a new terminal

For the Cairo installation problems, perhaps this is an issue with symlinks requiring admin rights? If so, enabling developer mode may help:

I have developer mode enabled, and have been running julia in windows 10 with no problems.


Thanks for the script.

Cairo installs just fine in administrator mode on Windows 10. I just forgot about starting REPL in administrator mode on Windows 7 box and made a mess there.


Is there any way remove the requirement to be in administrator mode in Windows 10. By default in our corporate environment the local user isn’t be default a member of the Administrators Group.