Using Julia on Windows with strict group policy, can't install packages or load packages installed by localadmin

In my work computer I have my normal user account and a separate localadmin account. After struggling with Atom and Julia installations (mostly Atom), I managed to get them working to some extent when I installed both on the local drive (not inside user profile). But I still can’t install any packages using my normal user account, as after running for example
Pkg.add("CSV") I get IOError: stat: permission denied (EACCES). After working on this issue whole day I managed to get things working, and I wrote some notes to myself:

But today, I needed another package (CSV), and installed it with localadmin, and when I tried to use it with base account I got the same access denied error as earlier. My guess is that I should delete the registery again or something, and then install everything again?..

So what would be the correct way of using Julia in this kind of situation? I’m ok with the solution where I have to install new packages using localadmin if I can then use them with my normal account.

Can you do git clone? Just git clone the CSV.jl github to a location, and the ]dev path/to/CSV.jl_repo/ then you can use CSV.jl. This will work for most packages that don’t require a build step.

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Yeah I can use git clone. So CSV works like that but I would like to know more general approach.

All packages work like this. You can just clone the repo and ]dev to it.

But some package requires a ]build step, so I am not sure if those work. You might want to dev them in your admin account, and then switch over and check?

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That’s what I have been doing, build them on admin account and then (try) to use them on other account. It does seem to for work some packages but not all.