Emacs again

I have made some advances with cygwin-based use of Emacs 23.6 on Windows 10, but then the experience with the command line was disappointing. In particular, I couldn’t get used to the mapping between the cygwin and Windows file systems.

Powershell has improved a lot, and I would like to give Emacs another whirl. This time I’m thinking to run it directly under Windows.


  1. julia-repl reports
Warning (emacs): could not capture basedir for Julia executable julia

and the repl apparently is not running.

  1. No matter what I do I cannot get terminals to run Julia within Emacs.
    Prompts never appear, but Julia seems to be running and interaction with it is possible.
    Modes are not available, though.
    Has anyone been successful in getting Julia running inside a terminal inside Emacs on Windows?