Resizing REPL does major damage in Juno

Sometimes when I shrink the pane with the REPL horizontally it truncates the display and does not provide scrollbars. The material remains lost if I return the pane to its original size.

Also, some of the material in the transcript, even parts that should have been in the narrow window, disappears after such window changes.

Sometimes shrinking the window causes the display to wrap, and unshrinking restores the original behavior. I’m not sure what makes the difference, but the misbehavior seems more common than the good behavior.

Is there anything I can do about this, other than avoiding resizing the pane?

Windows 10, atom 1.38.2, julia-client 0.8.9, language-julia 0.19.0, julia 1.1.1. 64 bit.

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Just a +1 from a pretty much identical system - I’ve observed this a number of times but have never been able to figure out when exactly this happens. I also pretty much never resize the panes though so it’s not the biggest issue for me.

This is a bug in the terminal library we use (see here), which only seems to happen on Windows.

The quick fix is to clear console and press enter

@Amin_Yahyaabadi It sounds as if you’re saying the fix to resizing deleting some stuff is to delete everything. That doesn’t seem like much of a fix, so perhaps I’ve misunderstood. Could you clarify?

@Ross_Boylan No that was just a workaround to make it usable again. The issue still persists.