Juno REPL layout change

I would like to change the width of the collapsible REPL pane to match the width of the script pane so that I can free up some real estate for the plotting pane. However, I can’t figure out how to change the width of the collapsible part which runs full-width. I can split the pane in two, but I can’t extend the plotting area down to fill the gap. I’m using uber-juno 0.2.0 and Atom 1.29.

Any help is appreciated.

drag and drop the panel. It’s not always easy. I’ve tried so many times and it finally works.

You could move the Plot Pane to the right dock like so:

Yes, and pay attention to what the blue boxes that pop up as guides look like. There are also menu options (I think “split pane left,” “split pane down” etc) that give you a bit more control.

This is an Atom thing, not a Juno thing. I can’t tell for sure but I think you might be running into a different problem than what I said above - there’s an atom workspace setting that’s something like “close empty panes” or something that you might not have selected. So even when there’s no tab in a given pane, it stays open.

I’m not at a computer, so I can’t find it exactly, but search around the atom settings for stuff related to “panes” and I think you’ll figure it out.

I had the same problem.
You have to close the REPL pane to allow the Plot plane to fill up the space. Now you can split the Script pane downwards and insert the REPL again.
Make sure “Remove Empty Panes” is selected in Atom’s Core settings (but that’s the default anyway).

Thanks everyone for your help. Moses your solution worked for me. The closer I can get this to mimic Rstudio the happier I’ll be.

Definitely understand this impulse. Just wait until you get used to all the awesome text editing features of atom (multiple select, keyboard shortcuts for file navigation etc) and then you’re forced to go back to RStudio…

I use atom to code in R now (using hydrogen) - it’s not quite as nice for some R-specific stuff, but sooooo much better for actual coding.

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how did you achieve this?

See above.

Is there a way to save the layout of Juno windows so that the next time I start Juno, it starts with the chosen layout?

It should do that automatically unless you have the “Standard Layout” option activated (might be different on macOS though).

Thanks for tip: I probably chose “Standard Layout” when I installed Juno, without knowing the implication. Is there a setting to change this, or do I have to uninstall and reinstall Atom/Juno?

You can tick the First Boot option in the julia-client settings and restart Atom.
That’s kind of unfortunate UX though so I’ll change how this is handled in the next release.