Some "cheap" improvements to Juno to discuss

1, Please, return “clear” button on the REPL toolwindow (to wipe out console output)
2. Wanna have saving of the atom windows configuration on exit (and restoring it on start)-currently the placement is broken by Plots, Documentation,Workspace toolwindows (their exit positions do not saving (or restoring) properly)

  1. Hm, I guess we could add this to the toolbar. You can however use Ctrl-J Ctrl-C (or Cmd) to clear the REPL or call clearconsole().
  2. Hm, this should actually work fine right now. Can you check the atom-julia-client settings for a Standard Layout checkbox and disable it if it’s enabled? That should make sure everything is restored exactly as it was before closing Juno.
  1. it would be nice, really (i believe it was some times ago, but disappeared after through updates ). Yet i am aware about the opportunities - but they are not much of comfort (except the console command).
  2. I see no the such thing in my julia- client settings (yet, from my experiments with layouts … atom was PERMANENTLY crushed , so i reinstall EVERYTHING TODAY from blank), and to tell more - i experienced some problems with julia-client installation (via uber-juno) and was forced to do that explicitly.

UPDATED It seems now that layout keeps well (i got a bug when docking the Documentation toolwindow- but
can not reproduce it). though i see no before-mentioned check box still.