What kind of JuliaCon 2024 merchandise would you like?

We have a limited amount of funds for JuliaCon 2024 merchandise this year. What kind of merchandise would you be interested in buying at JuliaCon 2024?

  • Extra conference t-shirt (one is complimentary with admission)
  • Updated REPL t-shirt
  • Hoodie
  • Coffee Mug
  • Mouse Pad
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Oh my goodness I would buy an extra conference t-shirt in a heartbeat!

For future reference, would your enthusiasm for conference t-shirts be dampened if they incorporated the logo of a sponsor or two?

Would you be encouraged to buy a t-shirt without logos if the free one had a JuliaHub logo on it?

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I won’t be in attendance, so I am not voting, but FWIW, I don’t mind sponsor logos on a conference shirt as long as they’re on the back and the graphic is on the front. I would happily buy an extra with or without logos.


I’m soft launching the JuliaCon 2024 merchandise store here based on your feedback:

I’m not sure if we will be able to fulfill everything, but if it definitely help if people pre-order items before the conference. We’ll refund everything we cannot fulfill.

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Great to see!

Some years ago I used to use a company called Vistaprint for the occasional merch item for clients.

I remember they provided a wide range of “brandable” items, if you’re looking for more merch ideas. I know it’s probably too late for this year’s conference, but if you’re setting up a store anyway some of these might be popular. I quickly mocked up a few:

Pens and USB sticks are useful if you have logos with large aspect ratios:

analogue notebooks

all kinds of water bottles

key things

draw-string bags

With a simpler design (and probably very little text) you could get embroidered stuff, such as beanie hats:

If you’re looking for more ideas (umbrellas? dressing gowns?) - vistaprint.co.uk was the company I used to use.


Any chance there’ll be more items sold later? It’s all sold out after 9 hours from the announcement.

Maybe. Demand was very high. I’ll let you know if anything becomes available.


Hm, I was all day at a conference, so I missed all the 9 hours of availability.
But if there are sponsors on, I would also not be interested. I do like wearing advertisements for Julia but not for sponsors.


We have some hoodies available:

If we run out, I might be able to print more. DM me the size you want if we do not have it available.


Basically this is what I have a small proudction run on is this hoodie:

with is logo on it:

It’s on sale now in limited quantities:

I cannot make more until I sell these.

After this, we’ll switch to an online only store which you can order on demand and they will ship it to your house.

Without the blue background?

I think we sent in this one:

Ah, glad to hear - all that blue was for the Xitter/socmedia stuff.

By the way, I think we’ll need an updated REPL design based on the poll above.

Please open an issue - probably need to bikeshed text content :thinking:

Did we end up also being able to get extra conference t-shirts? Wasn’t sure what ended up happening. Thanks!

This will probably depend on the size, check with us on Friday of the con probably.

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Did the hoodies arrive? I could use one today :slight_smile:

They should be here this afternoon. Let me check.