Where can I get Julia merchandise?


My name is Logan and I am a current student here at Indiana Institute of Technology, and I absolutely love Julia! Luckily for me, one of my classes is having me give a presentation on the programing language of my choice, and I decided to share my love of Julia with everyone. Since no one in my class has even heard of Julia, I thought it would be neat to have some merchandise to hand out after my presentation. However, I have no idea where I could buy said merchandise. Do you guys know where I could buy some?

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This does not answer your question, but I would hesitate to do this. Most unwanted merchandise (and also handouts, brochures, etc) ends up as clutter, then waste. Perhaps you can find an eco-friendly way to express your enthusiasm for Julia.


If you google “custom t-shirts” you’ll find all kind of companies that will print a custom design on all kind of merchandise. However, I don’t know who owns the copyright to the Julia logo. You want to find that out first.

That would be @StefanKarpinski - see here. It may have changed since then though.

Nope, still me. We do really need to find a more permanent home for it though. Julia Computing would be the easiest, so perhaps just that would be good.

Make sure you retain your rightful (tiny) share of commercial profits made by for example t-shirt vendors :grin:


As giordano pointed out: Julia Swag