Remove package from general registry

How does one remove a package from the general registry? As in, un-register it so that it can no longer be added with using Pkg: Pkg.add(PackageName).

You can’t do that, in general, since it will break other people’s code (see e.g. the leftpad incident).

What is the situation where you want to? Maybe there’s another workaround.

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I basicly went a little over the top, making 3 packages (CircuitComponentRounding, ESeriesRounding and AbstractCircuitComponentRounding), with an idea of a tiny ecosystem. But based on the complete lack of interest, this is WAAAY overkill, and I have consolidated the functionality to ESeriesRounding v0.1.2. The other packages are therefore currently simply mess in the general registry.

I don’t think that’s a problem necessarily - there are loads of abandoned packages in the general registry, and I don’t think a name like CircuitComponentRounding would want to be used by someone else. Just make clear that the packages are abandoned in their README on GitHub, and continue developing and advertising ESeriesRounding.