Replace registered package

Hi everyone !

I have been developping the package NOMAD.jl for a few months and I’d like to register it officially. The issue is that someone has already registered a package named NOMAD.jl. I’m in touch with this person and he agrees to replace his package with mine.

How could we proceed to register my package as the new official NOMAD.jl ? Is there a way for him to cancel the registration of his package ? Here is my git repo : ; and his :

You can open a PR to change the URL in the General registry.

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From package user point of view this is a breaking API change. It would look really strange if version numbers would suddenly go down and your code would break. So in other words you will need to think also the possible users of that registered package.

If you will wait a little while your problem will solve by it’s own:

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That’s why we have UUIDs. As long as they are not the same, this should not be a problem.

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The pull request is on the way, thanks for your help !

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Finally, maintainers of the general registry advised me this strategy :

  • Do a pull request on the general registry just to have the URL of NOMAD.jl point to my repo
  • change my uuid to match the one of the former NOMAD.jl
  • update the package info with the registrator

Now it’s a breaking API, if you will match the uuid.