How to rename the registered package?

Hi, I was following this instruction to rename the registered package.

In my case, I wanna rename ParametrisedConvexApproximators.jl to ParameterizedConvexApproximators.jl.

I renamed on Github, renamed files, and made a PR to change the URL.

i) I don’t know when/how the PR will be merged.
ii) How to generate a new UUID for the Project.toml. Is it just change the UUID in Project.toml by the output of using UUIDs; uuid4()?

It will have to be manually merged by a maintainer of the General registry. I’d guess that someone will merge it or request changes within a few days, but there is no guarantee.


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Quite frankly, I’m not sure changing the spelling is worth the hassle


I know, I also think this is kinda unnecessary work.

I just wanna make the names of the paper and package match each other as the paper’s name has changed due to IEEE’s recommendation.