Release next version of registered packages

I recently registered a package via Registrator.jl.
However, I don’t know how to update and control the version of releases.
I’d like to update version (e.g., v0.2.2 for the newest commit), but it looks v0.1.0 in General.
Github tag seems not related.

What should I do?

Use (see the readme) & probably also TagBot. I think this should be in the manual

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Actually I’ve already read documents but quite confusing :frowning:
Is it right?

  1. Change version in Project.toml to your desired version.
  2. Add @JuliaRegistrator register() to the commit you want to release.
  3. Then…?

EDIT: before editing Project.toml, it seems that I have to register my package via (Note: it has been already registered for v0.1.0).
I suspect that the reason why release version is not updated is that I don’t register my repo again. So I tried, but JuliaHub said “Tag with a different commit already exists for the version mentioned in (Julia)Project.toml”.

Steps 1+2 should do it.
You may need to wait until the next day for the TagBot to tag a new release (assuming that you have been set up TagBot, e.g. using PkgTemplates.jl). Otherwise, you need to manually tag the new release.

Ah, TagBot does not immediately release the new version.

Additional questions:
As TagBot said, create a file .github/workflows/TagBot.yml is, of course, required on the commit I wanna release. Right?

The tag-bot only tags a git-tag. The release for the julia package manger is really separate. It’s just nice to have for both to point to the same commit (but not really required).

So, just do the @JuliaRegistrator register(). TagBot, which you just seem to have installed, will then do its thing.