Using JuliaRegistrator: difficulty registering new releases

My FunctionIntegrator.jl package is now officially in the General registry and I’m having a little difficulty with getting JuliaRegistrator to register a new release of my package. I created a comment on the commit tagged as v0.2.0 that was just:

@JuliaRegistrator register

and I received the following error from JuliaRegistrator:

Error while trying to register: "Tag with name v0.2.0 already exists and points to a different commit"

. This error is not completely unexpected as the v0.2.0 tag used to point to a different commit, but the commit I added this comment to is for the new v0.2.0 tagged commit. The only reason I changed the tagged commit was because in the old commit tagged as v0.2.0 (which was several commits ago) I forgot to update the Project.toml file accordingly and JuliaRegistrator complained about this when I tried to register that tag. Is there a way to get around this error?

Thanks for your time and patience.

In my experience, the version specified in Project.toml must not exist as a tag when you register a new version. The workflow is to add the tag after the registration/update is successful (merged).


Ah, deleting it fixed this, thanks!


If you use TagBot you don’t have to manually tag new versions: