How to tag a new version of my registered package

Hi all,

I’m trying to tag a new version of my (registered) package ForecastEval. In the past, I’ve always just created a new tag on github and then let attobot take care of the rest, but I seem to recall reading something over the past year suggesting that attobot is no longer the ideal method for tagging a new version. Is this correct? If so, what is the appropriate process for tagging a new version of a registered package?

Apologies if this has been asked before - my search didn’t turn anything up. Also I’ve read through the Pkg docs on github and can’t seem to find anything on this problem.



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There is a link to TagBot in point 5:


Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks very much!

For anyone else reading, here is the exact process I followed:

  1. Go to Registrator, click the “install app” button, and select the repositories that you wish to register/tag new versions for.

  2. Go to TagBot and follow the instructions there for creating the appropriate .yml file. Note that the .github/workflows directory needs to be created in the base directory of the github repository where you want to have TagBot (and which should already have Registrator installed).

  3. Follow the Registrator instructions for making a new release. Namely, push the changes to github, including the appropriate new version number in your Project.toml file, and then navigate to the webpage for that release on github, and comment @JuliaRegistrator register on that page. Note, I live under a rock, so it seemed a bit like magic to me that I could trigger the process by adding a comment to a webpage, so I thought I’d emphasize this point here.

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I came here looking for help, and I found it. Big thanks to @colintbowers for making a step-by-step of what he did! There was however one point I thought was unclear, so I thought I could clear it up for anyone else who might come after me.

In step 3, @colintbowers says to “navigate to the webpage for that release on GitHub, and comment @JuliaRegistrator register on that page.” Well, I for one was not sure what the webpage for that release is (the repo on GitHub?) and comment there (I can’t comment on a repo…).

What I did to trigger the tagging of a new release was to open up an issue for the repository on GitHub, and comment @JuliaRegistrator register there. The issue is seen here, and resulted in a successful tag of a new release.