Release a new version of registered packages (again)

Sorry guys, in despite of many experts gave me some advices (here), I still don’t find out how to release a new version of my registered package.

  • What I did
  1. Register a package.
  2. Add .github/workflows/TagBot.yml like this. I think that TagBot said I have to do this for automatic tagging on github.
  3. Add @JuliaRegistrator register() on a commit that I want to release like this.
  • What I thought
  1. Adding TagBot.yml will automatically add tags on github, which coincides with the version of my Julia package. And I found that this doesn’t work as I thought.
  2. Adding @JuliaRegistrator register() will release a new version. It seems that this actually updated a new version corresponding to a version written in Project.toml, not released. I mean that a new version can be found in dev mode, while it cannot in free mode.

Hope anybody helps me, who are aware of registering and managing packages.

Thx :slight_smile:

It looks like @JuliaRegistrator register() didn’t do anything, since you did not get an answer by JuliaRegistrator (it should look like this). Did you install JuliaRegistrator (not TagBot) for your repo? Here are the instructions for installing it.


Well, it’s already installed 2 days ago like this:

EDIT: I will reinstall and add JuliaRegistrator command.
EDIT: I’m an idiot; I’ve install it on my account but the package is of an organisation… I will try again. And this works very well!

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