Registered new release still pointing to old version

I registered a new version of a package, and the pull request was merged but when I install the package via ``Pkg.add```, the old version is installed. Why is this so and how can I fix it?

There might be some compatibility conflict holding it back. What happens if you do add CategoricalTimeSeries@1.1?

Oh you are right! There is a restriction on a [compat] concerning another package of mine called MotifRecognition. What puzzles me is that this package is no longer required in the latest version of CategoricalTimeSeries.jl, and is consequently not mentionned in the project.toml file. How can it be that it is causing issues?

Do you have the new version in your copy of the General registry? Cf. General registry delays, and a workaround

That’s not the issue—the new version is in the registry. It also installs v1.1.0 in a fresh environment. There’s some conflict with some other package that’s in the environment.

I just noticed that in a clean environment, the package installs correctly. Thank you for your help! I thought I had deleted all problematic packages in my main environment but apparently I didn’t.

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I wish the resolver output was actually intelligible but I can never understand what it’s telling me.