General registry disappeared from 1.6 after updating to 1.7

I updated to v1.7 yesterday and have been using it without issues since, but I just went back to v1.6 to test something, and found that Pkg doesn’t see the General registry (I also have a personal registry that is unaffected, working in both 1.7 and 1.6). Specifically, I run pkg> up and the only lines that appear reference my personal registry, not the general registry. Attempting to add a package from General gets me a “name could not be resolved” error. Back in v1.7, updating gives me the expected Updating registry at ~/.julia/registries/General.toml and packages install fine.

How would I debug this? In .julia/registries I see that General has a top-level .tar.gz and .toml, whereas my personal registry is inside a directory.

Does registry add General work on 1.6?

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Yes! Thank you!

That downloads a directory-version of General to .julia/registries and everything seems to work perfectly fine now.