References to Juno in the Julia documentation

Searching for “Juno” yields 9 results in the v1.7.3 documentation and 11 results in the 1.8.0-rc1 documentation. Some of the references make no mention of the fact that Juno is no longer actively developed:

To see the profiling results, there are several graphical browsers. One “family” of visualizers is based on FlameGraphs.jl, with each family member providing a different user interface:

  • Juno is a full IDE with built-in support for profile visualization
  • ProfileView.jl is a stand-alone visualizer based on GTK

(Profiling · The Julia Language)

When I started learning Julia in late 2020, the switch to VSCode had already taken place, but because of reading mentions like that above, I didn’t realize that and started on the Juno editor instead.

I wonder if references to Juno should be removed or annotated where they appear in the documentation to nudge new users into using a better IDE—all the more so now that Github has announced that it is sunsetting the Atom project on which Juno is based.


Yeah, that should be fixed.