Reduce image size and filter?

I’m working with a physically-based rendering image (HDR, units of radiance or irradiance in an RGB model) and I would like to create an unsharp mask from it, reducing the size and applying a box filter. I am not seeing an obvious way of doing this. Am I missing something? Or should I just proceed to write my own? (Sigh.) I do have an example to work from, but these things are fiddly and it might take some effort.

I would expect that functions from the Images package should be able to do this, see e.g. ImageFiltering.jl · ImageFiltering and Cropping, Resizing and Rescaling · JuliaImages.

As usually, there would be more that one package to do something in Julia. One of these (which I never used) is the OpenCV.jl Julia wrapper.

Thanks. Unfortunately, with the exception of ImageFiltering, most of those libraries do not work with physical units. There are hints that OpenCV does (at least, it offers HDR) but I can’t quickly find out for sure.

Thanks for the replies, anyway.