Filtering 2D data in Julia

Hi all.
Is there are packaga that I can use to filter 2D data? Things like butterworth filtering, derivatives, poly fitting, spectrum computation, etc?
I know a lot of this is implemente in GMT.jl by @joa-quim but the grdfft is not working in julia hehehe

ImageFiltering.jl has a lot of features for 2d filtering

Fyi, a simple way to use a “radial frequency” coordinate to build a 2D filter from a 1D filter (as available in DSP.jl), is provided in this help page.

What is the problem? Please open issues with examples of non-functioning.

Hello @joa-quim
I do not think is an issue but I can´t get the wrapper to work on the new syntaix for doing somthing like:

output_matrix = xyz2grd some_table
dtrend_matrix = grdtred the output_matrix
result = grdfft low pass filter dtrend_matrix

I can do this in GMT in my system but I need all the variables in Julia. Could you give me an example :slight_smile:

Seems pretty simple but I’ll need ofc the exact CLI commands that you want translated into the GMT.jl syntax. Anyway, steps 1 & 2 are fully documented.