ImageFiltering.jl supports linear and nonlinear filtering operations on arrays, with an emphasis on the kinds of operations used in image processing. The core function is imfilter, and common kernels (filters) are organized in the Kernel and KernelFactors modules.


julia> using ImageFiltering, TestImages

julia> img = testimage("mandrill");

julia> imgg = imfilter(img, Kernel.gaussian(3));

julia> imgl = imfilter(img, Kernel.Laplacian());


Repository Link: GitHub - JuliaImages/ImageFiltering.jl: Julia implementations of multidimensional array convolution and nonlinear stencil operations
More tutorials can be found here in documentation: ImageFiltering.jl · ImageFiltering

We welcome new contributors to help improve the package and performance of existing solutions.


ImageFiltering v0.7.5

  • Major reorganisation of documentation and improved docstrings which make the documentation more accessible. It had been common issue that was solved recently with @cormullion 's help(thank you!)

  • Documentation link : ImageFiltering.jl · ImageFiltering


Thanks @Ashwani_Rathee!

Tim Holy encouraged me to turn my complaint (Suggestion: rewrite docstrings for usage rather than reference · Issue #1024 · JuliaImages/Images.jl · GitHub) into action, and also did a thorough review, for which, many thanks… :slight_smile:

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